Corn free products and information at your fingertips


I grew up using the sweet golden flavorful treasure created by my Uncle Bud’s bees. This was religiously drizzled on cereal and fruit, plus my mother baked it into many things. It is still a staple in my household and I use it in many things.

When I read someone’s post about corn in honey I was appalled! Then I was concerned since I still use it to do all of the above, including adding it into my baked goods.

I knew that beekeepers must feed their bees when they travel and I heard that corn syrup was a main food for that. I sent a message off to my cousin, who now owns the honey business, to find out about the corn and honey connection.

Larry Hilbert, owner of Hilbert’s Honeyland in Traverse City, MI sat with me patiently answering my questions about using corn syrup to feed his bees. He explained to me that the bees use the corn syrup to survive. In other words, they eat the corn syrup along with other nutrients fed to them while traveling. They do not feed the bees the syrup when they are collecting to produce honey, which the bees do at a certain time of the year.

He told me that since the bee colony collapse problem has occurred he has regularly had his bees and honey tested for everything under the sun and corn residue is one of them. His honey is clean.

Bee colony collapse is a very serious issue because about 1/3 of the crops in the US are pollinated by bees. If the bees all die then the US and possibly the world will lose the ability to have the choise to eat 1/3 of what we can now (Apples, cherries, etc. are all pollinated by bees). It is important to keep his bees in top health, so he gets them checked regularly.

You can read more about the bee colony collapse here:

I will be selling my cousins honey once I get my regular website up and running.

Hope you have a sweet day!


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