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My Corn Free and Wheat Free Story



 This story includes giving up corn and wheat. It is not easy, but you can do it. I am telling this story to try to help others. That is why I created the which is linked below to the right in the blogroll.

 Last year I decided to do a detoxification program at my doctor’s office because I was having horrible joint pain and tiredness which was affecting my ability to do my job. A few days into the program I felt remarkably better.

 My joint pain went away and several other things changed too. My acid reflux subsided. My lower intestines didn’t churn, bubble, and cramp up. My brain wasn’t so foggy. I had more energy.

 After going off the program and slowly adding the same foods back into my diet the symptoms all came back, but I didn’t nail down the culprit. Then the acid reflux got so bad that I thought I had ulcers. I was eating antacids like candy. I had to do something…

 My mother told me about a book she was following called, “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type”, and how she felt much better. She mentioned she was losing weight in her belly and that did it…I got the book.

 The book sent me along the path of a new life. I quit eating wheat, which I already knew causes problems with my intestines. Even harder to quit was “corn” because it is in almost everything and especially in wheat free products. I even limit my dairy. The book suggests much more to give up for me, but these things are quite challenging enough for now.

 Most people think that corn would be easy to give up, but it isn’t! It is hidden in so many things. There isn’t much written about this subject, but I was able to find some sites from people who have had severe allergic reactions to corn. These folks have done extensive research and I appreciate their willingness to share it!

 I am lucky because I am only sensitive to corn and wheat, not severely allergic. However, I know that neither one of these foods is good for me because they were causing major problems with my gastrointestinal system – from top to bottom. Plus causing several other annoying and uncomfortable symptoms which were negatively affecting my life.

 Once I gave these things up my acid reflux does not bother me, so I have stopped taking pills or using antacids. My gut no longer churns, bubbles, or twists into pain wrenching bouts sending me to the toilet. I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth all the time. My thoughts are clearer. I’m not getting sick with everything my clients bring in to me. My joints don’t ache.

 The focus of this blog is on corn-free products because I had such a hard time finding any information on this subject. There are tons of books and products which can be bought for the wheat-free/gluten-free lifestyle, but I found only one on corn-free living from another corn sensitive gal. Luckily I have always been interested in nutritional information, so I was able to wade through hundreds of hours of technical corn names and scientific corn processing information which I will try to whittle down in my blog to the most comprehensive and understandable language I have found. However, I may throw in information on wheat or other allergens here and there.

Cooking is an enjoyable activity of mine, so I have been able to come up with some alternate goodies which I am making into a cookbook. The cookbook will be available as an E-book on the site soon.

In the meantime, I developed an Amazon aStore with a bunch of products you can use if life has thrown you the “corn-free” curveball. Hope you find it helpful! I spent hundreds of hours scouring ingredients to find these foods. Most of them I have tried, but some I have not. The books I have suggested are not focusing on corn-free, but helped me to adapt things in my cooking to my corn-free and wheat-free life.

Please make sure that the items I have listed on my store meet your corn-free diet requirements. Remember that I am sensitive to these things, not allergic to them. If you have an allergy:  You know you must constantly make sure that the manufacturer has not added anything new to these products!

Stay Healthy and Happy!

Comments on: "About Cornfreegirl" (2)

  1. Great blog/post & story !!! Check out the documentary KING CORN on NetFlix. Corn is virtually in everything. It’s cheap & profitable but offers little nutritional value. Another good movie is Food Inc. It just may change your life for the better. Something to think about 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment Carl!

      I have seen Food Inc., but will need to watch King Corn. I haven’t heard of it, so thanks for the tip!

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